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About Us

The Blue Ridge chapter of the Public Relations Society of America is a professional association serving Central and Southwest Virginia public relations practitioners. Founded in 1992, the chapter brings professionals together to enhance the practice, provide an exchange of experiences and ideals, and promote professional development.

The Blue Ridge chapter (BRC PRSA) established the following strategic initiatives to advance the organization:

Broad Goals

BRC PRSA is an authority on public relations in our community
  • Get stories in the local media about who we are, our purpose, what’s happening with our chapter
  • Talk about what we do for non-profits
  • Promote the expertise of our chapter members
  • Offer a speakers bureau to talk to professional groups
  • Talk about the chapter’s role, what we do as PR professionals
  • Reach out to the community to show our chapter as a resource
Chapter finances are strong
  • Insist all luncheons and events break-even
  • Continue to engage sponsors for all events
  • Reinvest money in balance of our account at the end of the year
  • Savings
  • Purchase of needed items
  • Send officer to Leadership Assembly
  • Send Assembly Delegate to International Conference
 The lines of communication between BRC PRSA board and officers are robust and effective
  • Information is shared on a regular basis at board meetings
  • Committees and officers inform each other when unanticipated circumstances arise

Specific Goals

Chapter members understand and appreciate the value of the ARP credential
  • Consider new tactics for promoting, enticing people to pursue accreditation
  • Maintain realistic goal – one to two people each year working on APR
  • Promote APR more strongly to Roanoke chapter members
  • Record testimonials from companies, CEOs, APRs, to post on social media, and drive members to APR information on our website
  • Keep awareness of APR in newsletter
  • Approach leaders of online study course to ask for new options on time, methods of study
 Satellite events are a strong enticement for NRV members’ participation
  • Identify/enlist co-chair for NRV group
  • Develop strategy for decision on which luncheons will be simulcast
  • Criteria – minimum number of participants that warrants the simulcast?
  • Continue to utilize phone calls and personal invitations to enlist member participation
  • Develop strategy to sustain the enthusiasm and interest of the group
  • Where do we go from here?
 The awards and gala event ensure recognition, support for chapter members’ work
  • Develop strategies to encourage more entries
  • Add award that recognizes senior practitioners
  • Who will nominate?
  • Keep social component of gala – dinner stations
  • Seek new creative resource for theme, design of gala
  • Create stronger perception of gala as our signature event – ideal networking opportunity
  • Use social media to announce results from the gala event – Twitter, Facebook
  • Use newsletter and local media to announce winners
  • Showcase winners on a special area of our website
 Members engage prospects to encourage, invite participation in the chapter
  • Make board members aware of guests at each luncheon
  • Make chapter members aware of prospects who are located near them, who work in similar fields/organizations, etc.
 Professional Development events are informative, interactive, fun ways to learn and grow
  • Keep events low-cost
  • Address issues impacting our community
  • Incorporate networking opportunities
  • Highlight PR expertise
  • Move away from lecture format
 Public Service is an important and highly visible part of the BRC PRSA’s function
  • Continue to select non-profit organization every two years
  • Be clear about what we expect from non-profits, and resources we can offer
  • Involve more chapter members in assisting non-profit group
  • Hold a special event to offer PR wisdom to group of non-profits
  • Gift of Guidance (possibly emulate this event)
  • Promote public service activities and opportunities among chapter members through newsletter, social media

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