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Turning Silver into Gold: New Rules for Effectively Communicating to Baby Boomers

  • 09 Feb 2012
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)
  • Sheraton Inn and Conference Center, Roanoke, VA


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The Blue Ridge Public Relations Society of America Anniversary Luncheon Series will kick off Thursday, Feb. 9, with John Martin presenting “Turning Silver into Gold: New Rules for Communicating with Baby Boomers” at SheratonHotel & ConferenceCenter.

Martin is chief executive officer of the Boomer Project and president/CEO of the Southeastern Institute of Research. His golden insight will include tactical tips and practical techniques for connecting with the expanding 65-plus Baby Boomer population.

The term “Baby Boomers” is given to the generation following World War II born between 1946 and 1964. The first turned 65 on Jan. 1, 2011 and, every day since 11,000 more have reached this important milestone, creating a new world for companies, organizations and communities.

Martin and Boomer Project Founder/President Matt Thornhill are leading the movement to redefine the 50-plus age group, and their research-based analysis is frequently sought by members of the media. Together, Martin and Thornhill authored Boomer Consumer: Ten New Rules for Marketing to America's Largest, Wealthiest and Most Influential Group. Their latest book, Age Ready, is due on the market in early 2012.

Michael Schulder, CNN senior executive producer, interviewed Matt Thornhill for the article "Killing the Myth of the 18-to-49 Demo,"  Jan. 2, 2011, 9:26 a.m. (ET). In it, Michael shares the value for all generations of increased Boomer awareness.

Here's an excerpt:

“…The most important word in the business world is growth. And according to the latest figures, over the next 10 years the 18-to-49 segment of the audience will grow by only 3 percent. My 50-plus friends and I will grow by 20 percent.

“To illustrate the impact, (Matt) Thornhill asks us to imagine all the candy Hershey’s sells to people over 50 today. If they keep selling the same relative amount of candy to those people – their business will grow 20 percent. Sweet.

“But here’s what we in the 50-plus crowd really have going for us. We’re not loyal. Well, we may be loyal personally. But a number of studies of baby boomers show that boomers are less brand loyal than younger people.

“In other words, boomers are more likely to try new brands, which contradicts one of the fundamental tenets that have kept the 18-to-49 demo on top.

“In the meantime, thank you Matt Thornhill. Your Boomer Project is an important ally in the battle to destroy the myth of the 18-to-49 demo. But you know we need to take this farther. We must identify the culprits.

“The nation’s 80 million Baby Boomers have more collective buying power than any other generation by far. Spending $2.3 trillion annually on goods and services, they are reshaping broad swaths of the United States economy, including the markets for financial services, health care, travel and tourism, real estate, retail, home improvement, and consumer products.

“Although half the generation has reached the age of 50, Boomers don’t think of themselves as “seniors.” Advertisers and marketers aren’t sure how to classify them. As a result, many ad campaigns miss the mark. To capture Boomers’ attention, marketers need to embrace new thinking."

John will be available to sign copies of Boomer Consumer at the Blue Ridge Chapter's Feb. 9 luncheon.

Thank you to National College for sponsoring this luncheon series program!


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